Flicks&Sticks EP 31 Summer of Madness

Spoiler Reviews – Dr. Strange, Ozark, Witcher S2,
Hawkeye, Moon Knight, love death and robots

Non-Spoiler Reviews – Obi-Wan, stranger things,
Fantastic Beats: Dumbledore, The Batman,
Last Kingdom

Disney Plus TV News

BigGame’s Spotlight – The adam project, Chip & Dale, Halo Tv,
The Northman, Clone Wars / Rebels, Boys Diabolical,
Peaky Blinders, The Offer, Yellowstone, Top Gun Maverick, Sonic 2

The Good The Bad and The WTF – Fresh, The Sadness,
and Everything, Everywhere all at once

Heutia’s Anime Corner – Demon slayer season 2 Spoilers

Gaming Corner – Playstation state of play, Warcraft,
Warcraft Classic, Jurassic World Evoloution 2,
Path Of Exile, Lego Star Wars, Diablo immortal
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