Episode 30 Spring of Madness

  • Spoiler Reviews – Squid Games, Venom, midnight mass,
    The Suicide squad, Dune, Spider-Man, ozark, dexter, matrix
  • Non-Spoiler Reviews – ghostbusters: afterlife, Eternals, no time to die,
    hawkeye, Boba Fett, Peacemaker
  • dr strange trailer and predictions
  • upcoming Disney plus show announcements
  • Guest spotlight
  • BigGame’s Spotlight – Goliath, 1883, the silent sea, 2021 top 10 lists
  • The Good The Bad and The WTF – Dopesick, foundation, Fresh, Vikings Valhalla,
    Wheel of time, The kings man and The Lodge
  • Heutia’s Anime Corner – Cowboy Bebop & demon slayer season 2
  • Gaming Corner – new world, Forza, Battlefield, Halo, age of empires 4,
    path of exile, lost ark, Warcraft patch, elden ring, grand turismo 7, fornite season

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