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Episode 304 trouble in actiblizzard town.

Blizzard Chinese Censorship Memes #BoycottBlizzard - StayHipp
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Episode 303 Where we are with shadowlands and other news

  • Warcraft Guild / Upcoming News
  • Diablo 2 remaster September
  • 9.1 reactions and raid thoughts
  • official patch summery
  • reconnect feature
  • bigs rant on engineering crafting 230
  • warcraft 3 shady report
  • Game Chat
  • MS e3 Showcase game announcments
  • nintendo show announcements
  • 5 nights at freddys creator forced to retire after republican political donations led to folks complaining
  • bigs ark rant about going underwater cave diving
  • windows 11 news and notes
  • Xbox gift card embezzlement story
  • apex hackers make game unplayable with save titanfall movement
  • Assassins creed live service game
  • steam deck announcement
  • activision/ blizzard sued by California for harassment charges
  • new dead space announced
  • Entertainment Chat
  • boba fett ship name change
  • Random / Political News
  • Freya’s not on child bearing women not drinking
  • Britney denied freedom same day Cosby let free
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