Episode 27 Mortal Kombat And Marvel TV

  • Spoiler Reviews – Mortal Kombat, Wandavision, Falcon and Winter solider.
    Synders Justice League, King Kong Vs Godzilla
  • non spoiler review – Nobody, without remorse, Jupiter’s legacy, outer banks
  • NFL Draft Highlights
  • upcoming marvel release date news
  • Gaming Corner – Warcraft Chat, Warzone chat, Control,
    Valhiem, Mass effect Legendary Edition
  • BigGame’s Spotlight – Tribes of Europa, Spiral: Saw,
    those who wish me dead & Dexter
  • The Good The Bad and The WTF – Breach and stowaway
  • Heutia’s Anime Corner – Demon souls show/ demon souls movie and my hero academia 2nd movie
    (Group can talk Invincible anime) (non spoiler Castlevania and love death and robots)

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