Episode 300 slow as the turtle, we have made it to 300…..

– [ ] Show open / What’s New

– [ ] Game Chat

– twisted metal tv show in the works

– Chicago law maker wants to ban GTA due to car jackings increase in the US

– Henry Cavill might be working on a mass effect project

– anthem 2.0 cancelled

– new pokemon 2022

– FF7: intergrade/ ps5 dlc only rant / ps plus debacle on content

– epic buys fall guy devs

– [ ] Entertainment Chat

– rumor that Jennifer Lawrence cast in fantastic 4

– daft punk breaks up

– big hero 6 will get a live action mcu adaptation

– paramount plus getting movies 45 day after theaters and some straight to service. Also halo show 2022

– ice cube vs Warner bros on friday rights

– [ ] Random / Political News

– Mr. Potato Head toy will now be gender neutral

– Amazon changes new app icon after hitler comparisons

– Washington football team changing cheerleaders to coed dance group

– [ ] Wrap Up / Close Show

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