Episode 295 Miss the whistle, hopefully flying won’t be to far out!

  • [ ] Show open / What’s New
  • [ ] Warcraft Guild / Upcoming News
  • prelaunch events
  • changes to talent change tomes
  • no flight whistle
  • could have flying in first major quest
  • flying not rep grind based
  • [ ] Game Chat
  • take two buys codemasters for close to a billion
  • halo tv recasts cortona with original actress
  • new game system releases sell out
  • game of year nominees
  • Apple store commission change from 30% to 15% in January
  • James Bond origins game getting developed by hitman devs
  • [ ] Entertainment Chat
  • wandavision jan 15th release
  • Johnny depp forced out of fantastic beasts and amber heard petition to remove from aquaman for spite
  • twitter updates now include stories ripoff Fleets
  • deadpool 3 in development
  • coming to america 2 will be on Amazon in March
  • predator 5 getting made
  • [ ] Wrap Up / Close Show

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