Episode 288 ugh people suck….

  • [ ]
  • [ ] Game Chat
  • GTA 6 possible in 2023
  • Xbox series x thousands of backwards compatible games at launch many with higher frame rates
  • kingdoms of angular re-reckoning coming out in aug
  • all the PS5 event stuff
  • WB interactive could be up for sale soon from ATT, about to be a bidding war
  • Star Wars squadrons announced
  • cyberpunk delayed nov 19th
  • mixer shutting down
  • pokemon snap and a moba game announced
  • method dropped
    [ ]
  • [ ] Entertainment Chat
  • Cavill will be back for Superman, new green lantern and justice league dark shows heading to HBO Max
  • kingdom hearts tv show coming possibly to Disney plus
  • cobra kai will leave youtube for new streaming service for season 3
  • ATT allowing no data caps for HBO Max, this is what happens with no net neutrality
    -bill and Ted face the music trailer
  • cops cancelled after 33 seasons
  • Keaton might play batman again for flash movie
  • female pirates of Caribbean coming with magor robbie
  • many voice actors leaving roles if they were playing black characters, such as clevland from family guy ]
  • [ ] Random / Political News
  • world events if we choose to talk about it
  • massive DDOS attack on many services
    -aunt jemimi syrup and many other brands discontinued or renamed
  • splash mountain getting renamed because it was from the movie song of the south
    [ ]
  • [ ] Wrap Up / Close Show

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