Episode 287 Covid Shadowlands, is weird times!

  • Warcraft Guild / Upcoming News
  • more shadowlands alpha news
  • small world of Warcraft board game announced
  • Game Chat
  • don’t expect elder scrolls 6 news for few more years
  • tony hawk 1 + 2 remaster coming
  • PlayStation studios announced with animated marquees shown in front of all first party games. Twitter roasts them for copying MS who in themselves copied Marvel
  • July 12th will be ubisofts games showcase
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to predator universe in the hunting grounds game
  • unreal 5 coming 2021
  • mafia trilogy remaster coming this year
  • smash bro’s cut from EVO cause bad server management by Nintendo
  • free epic games
  • new COD patch and patch sizes in general for them
  • new call of duty will be Black Ops Cold War
  • Entertainment Chat
  • marvel not planning deadpool 3
  • katee sackhoff will play bo-katan in madalorian
  • Timothy oliphant also in madalorian
  • synder cut happening at HBO Max
  • ruby rose leaves batwoman
  • Random / Political News
  • Facebook buys giphy for 400million
  • Wrap Up / Close Show
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