Episode 22 Its been a while

  • What’s New / Intro
  • Movie and Game News
  • Pokemon Shield Review
  • Death Stranding Review
  • woclen game review
  • Altered Carbon Review – Non Spoiler
  • Castlevania Review – Non Spoiler
  • 2019 Film of the Year – Parasite Review – Non Spoiler
  • Witcher Spoiler Review
  • Our Best of 2019 for Games List
  • Our Best of 2019 for Films List
  • Favorites of Decade List
  • The Good The Bad and The WTF – Freya’s Movie
  • Ruin or Fix A Remake – (Mortal Kombat)
    Discuss Offical Cast / What could make film bad
    or what casting could have been better

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