Episode 16 Punisher Postmortem

-Movie and TV discussions

  • Bunch of random Movie News
  • Aladdin Trailer Reactions
  • Recent cancellations & renewals
  • New Batman 2021
  • Hobbs and Shaw trailer

-Game discussions

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 First Impressions
  • Super smash bros switch Impressions
  • Anthem Demo Impressions

-Spoiler discussions

  • Aquaman spoilers
  • Punisher spoiler review
  • Maniac Show review
  • black mirror: bandersnatch review
  • Bird Box Spoiler Review
  • Polar non-spoiler review
  • Ian’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Slasher Party
  • Sean Netflix spotlight: The Last Kingdom
  • Ruin a Remake: make the aladdin genie worse

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