Episode 14 IronFist Spiderman & Venom spoilers and discussions

Flicks and Sticks Show Notes Ep. 14 for 10/14/18

-Movie and TV discussions
– Recent TV Cancellations
– Witcher casting
– American Vandal S2 – review non spolier
– Maniac (new netflix tv show) – quick review non spoiler
– apostle non spoiler quick review

-Game discussions
– Spider-Man PS4 Spoiler Discussion

Other Stuff
– Venom Spoiler Discussion
– Iron Fist S2 spoiler discussion / cancellation news
– Ozark S2 spoiler discussion
– Combo – Ian’s & Sean’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Mandy Spoiler Review
Ruin A Remake: Spider-Man 3

Bonus Episode with Vash –
– Iron fist spoilers
– More Spider-Man Discussions
– ac Odyssey impressions

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