Episode 244 Royal wedding #nobodycares GAME ON!







– [ ] Show open / What’s New – biggames comcast rant [ ] – [ ] Warcraft Guild / Upcoming News – beta keys – stiffy’s rant – new 350 mount achievement gives frostshard core mount – new hunter pet family’s, toad, horses, etc -new mount with AH for 5 mil – new pet currency and achievements coming – – – [ ] – [ ] Game Chat -bunch of black ops 4 news with Battle Royale mode and other changes – ESA survey results for 2017 – steam summer sale June 21st – nes classic edition returns June 29th – chance at all seasonal skins during overwatch anniversary May 22 – boss key studios shutting down – lawbreakers / radical heights guys – Nintendo cloud saves will be locked behind the online mode pay wall for $20 -PUBG is partnered with wealthiest man in china – new PUBG patch ads parachute camo option, but only skin is $4.99 and not sellable – Xbox new adaptive controller for handicapped – no mans sky will get multiplayer in july [ ] – [ ] Entertainment Chat – Seann WIlliam Scott to replace star on Lethal Weapon – live action Monster Hunter movie based on game coming from Paul WS Anderson and his wife Milla Jovic to Star -zombieland 2 coming -Stan lee sued former company for 1billion -lando movie teased but was just a rumor -John wick 3, May 2019 -possible obi on stand-alone film could be a new hope prequel – ryan Reynolds clue remake will probably be R – YouTube Red rebranding to YouTube premium -moviepass competitor unveiled 2 person pass and not limited for imax or 3D [ ] – [ ] Random / Political News – senate passes bill to keep net neutrality – royal wedding – Chinese juggler solves 3 rubix cubes while juggling – Chinese double leg amputee climbs Mount Everest – surpreme court declares sports gaming ban unconstitutional – white bbq lady meme craze – yanney or laurel stupid social media trend of the week [ ] – [ ] Wrap Up / Close Show

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