Episode 8 CloverfieldsBlackMirror

Show Notes:
[1:20] Super Bowl recap / funny ads
[14:05] The Cloverfield Paradox review and spoilers
[28:37] Altered Carbon non-spoiler review
[33:30] Black Mirror new season review and spoilers
[46:50] Game Chat (PUBG new anti cheat patch, Xbox game pass to feature day one exclusives)
[55:05] Latest TV cancellations and renewals news
[59:00] some walking dead spoilers beware –
[61:00] More TV cancellations and renewals
[64:40] Ian’s the good the bad and the what the f*** – Hellraiser:Judgement
[67:05] Ruin A Remake – Short Circut
[70:30] Wrap Up / Closing Game Song

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