Episode 7 ANewHope

Show Notes: We are back from our long hiatus.
[0:00] Intro
[3:40] Star Wars VIII Non-Spoiler Review
[9:35] Disney buying Fox discussion
[17:20] Destiny 2 expansion & Lootbox discussions
[24:50] Golden Globe Announcements
[37:25] Justic League reactions
[50:00] Stranger things season 2 discussion
[53:15] Punisher season 1 discussion
[55:40] Recent TV cacellations / renewals of note
[1:00:25] Game Awards winners / big announcements
[1:07:15] Ian’s The Good, The Bad, and The WTF – Mayham
[1:11:00] Sean’s Movie Highlight – Wind River
[1:12:50] Ruin a remake for Maxium Overdrive
[1:17:35] Star Wars VIII Spoiler Discussion

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