Episode 230 Lets shake the tree and see what bullshit falls out!












– [ ] Show open / What’s New – [ ] – [ ] Warcraft Guild / Upcoming News -timewalking weekly / the need for better loot for your time -battle.net pc vulnerablity has been fixed -expansion class changes -the new talents / other datamined stuff for BFA – [ ] – [ ] Game Chat -Xbox game pass will have first party exclusives day one -Nvidia pissed about cards getting sold 2 or 3 times more then they worth to crypto currency miners with gamers left hurt – [ ] – [ ] Entertainment Chat -kfc new colonel is Reba McEntire -#weremember (just saw this, thought it was women shit again…but it was holocost rememberance lol) – – [ ] – [ ] Random / Political News -valet service rant -people in power held to a higher standard then regular people -Barney voice actor now runs a sex shop -man bites phone battery explodes on mouth – [ ] – [ ] Wrap Up / Close Show

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