Episode 229 You’re #timesup! #metoo!!! #its just normals












– [ ] Show open / What’s New – [ ] – [ ] Warcraft Guild / Upcoming News -Passing of Myro -Finish Of Argus as a guild, -New Patch Notes and Highlights -Server Downtimes Cut Into Bill’s Vacation – [ ] – [ ] Game Chat -BlizzardWorld Overwatch Map lanches on 23rd -Microsoft might be bringing back Fable brand, from Forza Horizon developer. -Nintendo Labo – Cardboard DIY Gaming -YouPorn says Overwatch League is hurting its viewership – [ ] – [ ] Entertainment Chat -Tom Hardy Teases possible Carnage and Spider-man in his Venom Movie -Party Of Five Reboot (parents didn’t die, they just deported) -New Dundee Movie This Summer, out of nowhere, sequel with Danny McBride playing the son -Reboots / Remakes Discussion -Myths and Monsters – [ ] – [ ] Random / Political News -Government Shutdown Friday Night -Trump says we need to stop immigration from shithole countries -State Of US Vs Trump -Drivers Asleep (obstructive sleep apena) -H&M apologizes for offensive monkey shirt & store wrecked in africa -Violent Protests -Can’t Broil Lobsters anymore in Switzerland -Friendship Banning in schools -New California wants to become 51st state -Aziz Ansari Backlash, Feminists calling eachother out for being wrong -Artist Reverses gender roles in sexist ads from the 60s -Amanda Teague Marries Haitian Pirate Jack Who Died in 1700s -NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve – [ ] – [ ] Wrap Up / Close Show

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