Update for the site, show and rest of the bullshit!

The holiday’s are finally ending “thank the fucking gods” We hopefully will be getting back on track and changing up some things and doing some more things.   As most know by now, Will and Joe are no longer really recording with us, they might come on from time to time as guests but due to huge life/living changes they find it to hard/time etc to be able to record.  Maybe down the road that might change!

Our goals:

-Get back to consistent weekly shows, and doing them live most likely still on twitch.tv/middlefingerpodcast.

-Between Richard getting a good mixer, me and him might start having fun with sound bits etc so don’t be shocked to hear more of those silly stupid things.

-We will be updating our intro “so if you think you are just badass with intro’s we still like the song we use, so take that and see what you might come up with”.

-With Joe and Will not really recording now we should “hopefully” have even better sound quality minus any guest we might have with off the wall weird noises.

-Get back to doing discussion topics on thegeekhole.net/com.

-Site changes/updates, also to Facebook, where ever we stream from “twitch/hit box” etc.

-Also gonna get back to the @middlefingerpod twitter section most likely as well.

-Any suggestions you might have for any aspect of the show plz email/twitter/Facebook us etc and give us your thoughts and opinions! We aren’t planning on changing how we are and what we do, just wanting/trying to add more fun/humor/brutalness to it if possible.

-We haven’t gotten shit for emails in so long, its actually kinda shocking, we’d love to get more input from our listeners it does help us know that what we do isn’t just us recording for 2 people to listen to lol.

Thx for listening to the show and being part of the fun we try to have as much as we can, to the rest of you bitches you can refer to us as Middle Finger Podcast Impalers of douche bag bitches and the likes! lol.


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