Episode 112 Blizzcon, Emmence, Xpac OHMY balls…

During this episodes weekend, we had Blizzcon happening! sadly for me I DON’T GIVE A FUCK… HOWEVER! What I and many wanted to hear about was the new WoW Xpac that’s coming next and wow…. what a doozy!   So with those 2 things going down this weekend and our search for a possible penis or vagina to add to our show’s hosting array of oddball, creepy, potty mouthed awesome people!! We have Amy “Emmence” joining us this episode “and you never know, but possibly many more!”  We all discuss some points of the newest info from the Xpac release and of course the direction of where the show is going.    How can I not mention, we got an email from our lovely fan Crunch and as usual its a priceless one lol.








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