Monthly Archives February 2013

Episode 89 Go Go Richard the host!

This episode Richard plays the role of the host for the most part and we have fun as usual!

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Still working on the iTunes and Stitcher RSS Feed updates as well, both are slow mother fuckers!!!!

Parody in this episode is “Fuck You” by Timelessmotion and Letomi

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Episode 88 Back in the saddle

After a few weeks of not recording and dealing with finding and swapping all our show’s to a new hosting service and trying to up the quality of audio a bit we finally got a recording out!  There will be more changes coming so this is just the start!

The parody I used this episode is “Born To Lead Raids” by Craigthepatient

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Episode 87 The edge of a chasm!

This episode was recorded prior to the problems with podbean and was without Joe!

Hope you enjoy the show!

The parody I used was “My DPS Be Like” By Silverletomi

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