Episode 53 Promote Premade what? who?

In this episode 53 Will is in the processes of moving so he will not make it this recording.

We go over a forwarded email from Twizzletank of Twizzcast and another email from Sayamora Vesper of Grand Old Podcast.

Also a thx to Rewt of Hearthcast Podcast for some helpful tips and info on podcast quality and such.

Talk about some world news, MoP news and as usual our weeks.

Talked about how we are in the processces of changing the quality of the show, so some bad some good things may happen over the next few weeks.

Did a little talk about Diablo 3 Beta as well.

Also here is the “Premades and You” forum thread that we have talked about over 2 shows now.

The Parody at the end is called “First of May” by Joreltheinnkeeper

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