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Episode 57 Where’s Willdo?!?

In this episode 57 Will text to say he would be on and apparently never got off the floor of his living room to do so!.   So Me and Joe just talk about random stupid house hold things along with diablo3 talk and some MoP new’s and Joe’s Rant and Raves for the week was more talk about entitled fucksticks.

This weeks parody is “Flag Runnin” by DruidboyZ Featuring Asiko

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Episode 56 Stick to wow not the road!

In episode 56 we break in new equipment and record a different way and add in a few things to test out some options, while doing this we go over some small wow/MoP news and discuss the release of Diablo3.   We then go over some emails and forum posts that tie into Joe’s rants and raves for the week that was about drivers and how horrible they are!.

And for your viewing pleasure to kinda go along with Joe’s rants and raves for the week! 6 best road rage videos!

The song at the end is “This is for the Horde” by Gank Squad Ft: 2ManRaid

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Episode 55 BOOM goes the MoP class dynamite

Went over a bunch of the classes and what we’ve currently tried and tested out on the beta.   A few random new’s about things like cross realm/zone leveling.

The Parody at the end is “Content that we used to run “Content we used to run (featuring sharm)” by darkpippithemage

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Episode 54 Getting closer and closer

In this episode we start off thinking Will is not making this recording then BAM he pops online so we go over a bunch of random world things, politics, beliefs etc shit that has nothing to do with wow because were retarded like that.

We talk about our weeks, MoP character selection screen, and how you can now just insta have an 85 with gear, gold etc on the beta to run around and test shit out with including panda’s and monks.

Make a few statements about past show/s and call it good for the week.

The Parody at the end is “RabidFan” by DarkpippiTheMage Feat. Aquilae

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Episode 53 Promote Premade what? who?

In this episode 53 Will is in the processes of moving so he will not make it this recording.

We go over a forwarded email from Twizzletank of Twizzcast and another email from Sayamora Vesper of Grand Old Podcast.

Also a thx to Rewt of Hearthcast Podcast for some helpful tips and info on podcast quality and such.

Talk about some world news, MoP news and as usual our weeks.

Talked about how we are in the processces of changing the quality of the show, so some bad some good things may happen over the next few weeks.

Did a little talk about Diablo 3 Beta as well.

Also here is the “Premades and You” forum thread that we have talked about over 2 shows now.

The Parody at the end is called “First of May” by Joreltheinnkeeper

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