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Episode 49

update coming

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Episode 48 IT HAS BEGUN!!

In this episode we go over the press reviews and such of MoP and the fact that blizzard has started beta bitches!

I have started wow video’s and yes they are probably shitty, but what do you expect being my first but here it is for you to


& the parody you hear at the end is “WOW Vagina Song” by oldsamhaine

Remember to email, rate, itunes reviews and comment!

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Episode 47 Happy St. Pat’s day!

This week me and Joe start off without Will, he will later join the show for a bit.

We go over some more MoP news and info, talk about the Hydra interview MMO did.

All the while celebrating the holiday!

The Parody at the end is more of a comedy on class sterotypes then a song, its called “WoW Class Sterotypes” by wowcrendor

Email us and remember to rate, itunes reviews, comment and all that cool shit!

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Episode 46

Bullshit about pointless info this episode.   Talked a little bit about the expansion and various other wow things.

The parody at the end is “Warcrack (peein’ in a bottle)” by Skippy Mclizzard

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Episode 45 Useless info incoming

Will makes it back from his gay porn shoot “speed skating competition” for episode 45 we cover a few news things. What we’ve done for the week and call it good for the week.

The parody at the end is “Ninja looter” by Gigi, Abomination and Decision

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