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Episode 44 Are Arena’s for u?

In this episode Will wasn’t able to be on for the recording.  So me and Joe go over our weeks and a few articles of news and things from ArenaJunkies

Saving this weeks thegeekhole post for next weeks show due to the short time between these past 2 shows.

The Parody this week is “Rolling out the deeps” by Isolte

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Episode43 Looking For a Clue

In this episode we go over what short weeks we all have had as usual.  Respond to some emails, comments and twitter questions and our topic of the week.

And at the very end we have added some bonus material of us being retarded for an hour doing battlegrounds. “listen at your own risk” lol

The parody at the end is “Teach me how to pwn” by Neflian, Decision and m3lon3n

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Episode 42 If you won’t beat your kids, I’ll beat your kids!

In this episode we go over the shit we did for the week.  Go over some blue posts you can find at mmochamps.

We laughed and talked about this awesome video that a father put on his daughters facebook

you can find that here “Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

the parody at the end is “If women ruled wow…” done by Letomi

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Episode 41 MoP and You

In this episode we go over a few responses to some forum questions about you the player and MoP, expectations, plans and the such.

The rest is a bunch of random bullshit to enjoy or not to enjoy! lol

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The Parody at the end is “Guildy Conscience” by Gigi and Abondanation

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