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Episode 40 MoP Jitters of joy

In this episode 40 we have back for another week, Silentdeatth “Wildrogue” from Violent Apathy to hang out again and bullshit.

We go over some random new’s which wasn’t much by any means.  Go over what short weeks of gaming we actually had.

Release some more agression towards people in PvP and certain classes in general.

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And the parody at the end of the show is “Nation VS. Abandonation” by nation and abandonation.

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Episode 39 w/guest Silentdeatth

This episode we have a special guest Silentdeatth or Wildrogue from our guild Violent Apathy.

Went over a few forum posts with blue poster responses.


Ceraphus from The Sundering Podcast

Rustee from the Slash2 Podcast

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The song at the end is “Don’t make me get my main” by Crainus

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Episode 38 Work, Work and more Work

Nothing special about this episode 38 lol.    We go over a few 4.3.2 changes.   Discuss our weeks that were more work then play, and a few more things and call it good for the week.


the names are linked to their twitters also!

Twizzletank and R9sid9nt9vil of Rep Grind Radio

J, Mike and Bryterside of Stopcast @thegeekhole

End of show parody is done by RedEyemovies its called “Honor Kills

And for your viewing pleasure of funny here is another video to check out called “Dude, What’s My Class?

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Episode 37 Haters gonna hate!

In this episode none of us have much of a week to talk about so we quickly dive into

the short amount of news and on to some forums posts we went over.

We did some Chuck Norris random tweeted jokes.

The parody at the end is called “Everytime we wipe(a raid story)” done by Druidboyz

And here is a funny youtube Joe mentioned about Chuck Norris, pretty funny its called Druid VS Chuck Norris

Thx for listening and remember to email, comment, rate, iTunes reviews!

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