Episode 36 Happy Being a Tool Year!

This episode we go over some random forum posts, our week’s, an email from Ken and play a voice clip from Bryterside from the Stopcast Podcast.

Hit on some more PvP points, discuss our past 8 months and then toss out some discussion on heathcare, welfare and other government bullshit.

here or links I mentioned in the show: for a good PvP Resto Shaman check this out on mmorig.com

a good PvP Frost Mage guide check out mmorig.com again.

And of course I tossed in one of my Mage spec’s I love to pvp in and thats fire here is a Youtube video of Fire Mage PvP in 4.3

Last but not least for those who are starting to get into arena’s or haven’t heard of arenajunkies.com check them out they have some nice

articles up on why arena’s are worth doing and being good etc.

Thegeekhole.net is our new community site/forums plz come there to check out Violent Apathy and many other guilds, and podcasts!

The song at the end of the show is “I Love AoE” by SilverLetomi


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