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Episode 31 MoP notes on tap

Episode 31 Will is not able to make the show with us this week, me and Joe discuss some 4.3 and a bunch of Mists of Pandaria notes that were recently released.

here are links to check out!

For the new Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculator check it out!

The Blizzcon Survey that was mailed out to those who got tickets

And I don’t make a habit of this but from time to time I add youtube clips, funny songs etc I find funny, and worth you our listeners to check out as well

so this week the wow parody you hear at the end is by Tweex he does some pretty kewl stuff check it out here Tweex World of Warcraft music

And remember email us at



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Episode 30 Stupid x3

Early morning recording, went over a few more 4.3 tid bits.   Ranted over some forum posts which is always fun!

Went over our weeks “which produced nothing LOL”.

And Bill tells one of his sick shit stories at the end of the show so skip or brace yourself for nasty!

Thx for the email Tweekx

Hope ya enjoy the show!

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Episode 29 You pull it, You tank it!

Another mess of a show hope you enjoy the randomness that we call a podcast this week.

We go over some more Dev Q/A about class balance between 4.3 and 5.0 “the xpac”

addon of the week: mikscrollingbattletext

Talked a little bit about the stopies being over and how that went from our view.

Went over the current PvP season 10 ending “as of now” the 29th of Nov or until they push that back again.

At the end after trying to tell a really funny joke that I killed badly I said who it was by and to check that person out

and that person is Jackie Martling

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 28 Jizz everywhere

In this episode Bill is sick…. again.   We talk about some of the latest news and about the next xpac talent tree’s Bill discovered during the show.

Read a few iTunes reviews and a comment that Bill failed to read last episode so thank you to Emmance for the 5 star review and GeorgeWow

of The Mana Cooler Podcast for the 5 star review!

Yes Joe had to be hilarious and save the voice mail I left him the other day about my fun night with the wife so thank him for having that tidbit available.

And Bill asked a question that he didn’t see on the Dev Q/A about the xpac, are we getting more character slots with the xpac? if you’ve seen the answer to this plz email us!

Add-on segment will pick back up next week!

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