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Episode 27 Dev Q/A laughable questions!

In this episode we go over some of the Q/A with the Dev’s on the next xpac Mists of Pandaria.

Talk about our weeks, some PvP talk as usual.

Don’t forget to go to and vote for your nominations for the stopies!!!

At the end of the show stick with it for a few seconds I added on another 30mins of WSG and Addon talk!

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Episode 26 Mists Of Pandaria Xpac Confirmed!

In episode 26 we talk about the next expansion that was recently announced at Blizzcon Mists of Pandaria.

We discuss how its Alterac Valley BG holiday weekend, some of the ins and outs of winning/losing and the retards who put their 2 cents in.

Talked about the Stopies, the nominations are up GO VOTE!!!

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Episode 25 9 Annoying types of wow players

In this episode 25 we talk about different types of wow players, gamers and discuss a few articles on those topics, cover just a few more 4.3 notes.

Weekly Addon: None for this week “Forgot like the douche that Joe is!!! LOL”

First article by Patrick: The 9 most Annoying Types of online gamers

Second article given to us by Tabby, written by David Wong: 5 Creepy ways video games are trying to get you addicted

Violent Apathy is the alliance guild to join if you want a semi casual raiding guild “running 4 10man FL groups atm” and starting to work on PvP look us up on emerald dreams US !

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Episode 24

UPDATE: Oct 10th updated the audio file to a much better one “hopefully” the other one was a test “in stereo” and that test failed

for all those who have already listened “I can’t honestly believe you stomached that bullshit and enjoyed it” lol but if you did AWESOME!

In this episode Myself and Will go over some more patch 4.3 goodies and some previous stuff as well.  We cover some more of our leveling as alliance and our weekly nonsense people could careless about lol.

Addon of the week: Opie

To take part in the Stopies go to read up and email/call in your votes!!

Email us at

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Episode 23

A short show covering a few more 4.3 patch tid bits.  An email with a couple of comments some weekly what did you do’s.

Addon of the week: Postal

We are working hardcore on our new alliance toon’s to start PvP’n on the emerald dreams server in the guild Violent Apathy

if you are an alliance looking for a great guild to pvp and raid check VA OUT!!!

My toon is Pròctavius

Joe’s is Lykourgös

and Will is Wíllìam

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