Episode 21

In this episode we go over our previous weeks and hit on some 4.3 news.  Talk about a few forum posts one which was about one of the topics which was how social people are in wow, in terms of ventrilo, guild chat etc.

An awesome email from Tabatha “aka” Kaahlan of the Velen server, THX A TON!

The addon of the week: AsphyxiaUI(Edited Tukui v13) It basically replaces all your blizzard UI things, and adds a few things.   I highly recommend you watch his Tutorial video at least to see why all 3 of us like this one.   The video is at the same link just above the download link.


Violent Apathy an Alliance guild from the Emerald Dreams US server ran by @Mike_stopcast from the Stopcast podcast they are running 4 10man raiding groups all 4 are in FL raids, downing up to at least 5/7 the groups are over the weekend and 1 I believe on the weekend, find them here: Violent Apathy

The horde guild were currently in called Envy is a freshly made guild created from the ashes of a fallen guild called The Wolf Pack, we are raiding with about 7 guildies, 3 consistent non guildies our 1 10man group are 6/7 FLraid, with a few members Hmodes already done.  We are looking for Another solid tank, heals and a few good dps you can hit up Slïckwhïte who is the GM, or just look us up in the game for more info.  We also are big into PvP more so then others of course!

Again, email is Middlefingerpodcast@gmail.com

Enjoy the show and remember, Email, rate, review, comment PLZ ! :)

Now get off my god damn porch!!!!

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