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Episode 20

Episode 20 Literally is probably one of our messiest shows lol non the less hope you all enjoy what news, info and opinions are in it!

addon of the week is: Reflex – Arena/Battleground Historian

People We’ve mentioned this show

@Twizzletank and @R9sid9nt9vil from Rep Grind Radio

@Mike_Stopcast from Stopcast

And the fine folks that have created AskMrRobot You can also find them on twitter as well @asmrrobot

Also I mentioned the Alliance guild ran by Mike “Ryar” from stopcast called “Violent Apathy” they are running awesome 4 10m raiding groups in Firelands atm.   Great group of people to be guilded with if you are looking for such a thing check them out!!

For the horde guild that were in, we were once known as “The Wolf Pack” for the stats we had as the guild you can check the guild out on armory its still entact, the GM quit the game and never handed it down, so we had to start all over fresh, so now our new guild is “Envy” we are a Raiding/PvP guild.   As far as I know we are looking for all sorts of players, if you are interested just look us up!

Hope you enjoy the show, and remember email, comment, rate! :)


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