Daily Archives September 3, 2011

Episode 19

Episode 19 Starts off with some opinions and point of views on some of the current state of fatties on wow mixed with welfare and lazy fuck tards.

talk about some 4.3 and next xpac thoughts that Tom Chilton and Greg Street discussed in an interview.

Mentioned  some funny twitter stuff that went on about that stupid horse mount that worgens got, @SayomaraV is the winner in that match LOL.

And the WoW Addon of the week that we talked about is Battlegroundtargets very awesome addon plz. check it out if you are a BG, and or RBG pvp’r.

and last but not least our guild Hordecorê Pwnography that is recruiting pvp’rs and raiders for more information seek out Wyattqt, and Slïckwhïte.

UPDATE” on our guild, apparently the name was reported, we had to change the name, and “Envy” was picked people simply can’t take a name for face value “FUN” lol.



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