Episode 18

Another great episode with Will and Joe, here’s some thx, and links to check out!

@SayomaraV of Grand old Podcast thx for the great email! check Sayo’s grand old podcast out for awesome lore knowledge.

@Twizzletank and @R9sid9nt9vil thx for the emails, you can check these fella’s out on Rep Grind Radio via stitcher radio, itunes or at Eviscerated.net

Heres the you tube link for the video to go along with the audio you will hear, or heard at the end of the show.   How to Win at PvP 2 by Wowcrendor

Also for those who are looking for a fun newly created mostly PvP, some PvE guild on Daggerspine (US) Horde, we were technically a level 25 guild with up to FL raid experience 2400+ RBG experience, but due to upper guild managment quiting the game and not handing the guild down, we had to start over, here is the wowarmory for our new guild. Hordecorê Pwnography


Remember, email us ANYTHING to do with WoW 😉

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