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Episode 19 Stranger Spider Man

  • Whats New
  • Warcraft News
  • Game Chat
  • Entertainment Chat
  • Stranger Things discussion
  • Spiderman Far From Home / Into the Spiderverse Discussion
  • Mini Review Of Detroit Become Human PS4
  • Good The Bad And The WTF – Revenger
  • Netflix Spotlight – Murder Mystery
  • Ruin a Remake – Another Spiderman Reboot
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Episode 18 Game of Disappointments

  • avengers discussion
  • game of thrones discussion
  • detective Pikachu discussion
  • John Wick 3 discussion
  • cancellations and renewals
  • Wrapup Reviews for KH3 and AC: Odyssey
  • review of xbox game pass trial
  • e3 predications
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Episode 16 Punisher Postmortem

-Movie and TV discussions

  • Bunch of random Movie News
  • Aladdin Trailer Reactions
  • Recent cancellations & renewals
  • New Batman 2021
  • Hobbs and Shaw trailer

-Game discussions

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 First Impressions
  • Super smash bros switch Impressions
  • Anthem Demo Impressions

-Spoiler discussions

  • Aquaman spoilers
  • Punisher spoiler review
  • Maniac Show review
  • black mirror: bandersnatch review
  • Bird Box Spoiler Review
  • Polar non-spoiler review
  • Ian’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Slasher Party
  • Sean Netflix spotlight: The Last Kingdom
  • Ruin a Remake: make the aladdin genie worse
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Episode 15 Daredevil RedDead and More

Flicks and Sticks Show Notes Ep. 15 for 12/2/18
Title – Episode_15_Daredevil, Red Dead And More

-Movie and TV discussions
– death of Stan Lee
– detective pikachu trailer reaction
– Fantastic Beasts non spoiler quick review – Chris
– balled of buster Scruggs quick non spoiler review – sean
– recent cancellations & renewals

-Game discussions
– Fallout 76 bad impressions Internet reaction
– Red Dead non spoiler review / online mode talk

Other Stuff
– daredevil spoiler review
– Castlevania spoiler review
– House of Cards Spoiler Discussion
– Haunting at Hill House spoiler review
– Narcos Mexico spoiler review

– Ian’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Death House
– Sean Netflix spotlight: Outlaw King


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Episode 14 IronFist Spiderman & Venom spoilers and discussions

Flicks and Sticks Show Notes Ep. 14 for 10/14/18

-Movie and TV discussions
– Recent TV Cancellations
– Witcher casting
– American Vandal S2 – review non spolier
– Maniac (new netflix tv show) – quick review non spoiler
– apostle non spoiler quick review

-Game discussions
– Spider-Man PS4 Spoiler Discussion

Other Stuff
– Venom Spoiler Discussion
– Iron Fist S2 spoiler discussion / cancellation news
– Ozark S2 spoiler discussion
– Combo – Ian’s & Sean’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Mandy Spoiler Review
Ruin A Remake: Spider-Man 3

Bonus Episode with Vash –
– Iron fist spoilers
– More Spider-Man Discussions
– ac Odyssey impressions

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Episode 14 Warcraft & Fantasy Football Group Talk

No real notes for this episode.   It was an off the cuff recording with several folks in discord!

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Episode 13 Jurassic World, Antman and Luke Cage spoilers!!!

Flicks and Sticks Show Notes Ep. 13 for 7/15/18

[0:00] Intro / Whats New
[2:10] Movie and TV News
[7:15] Emmy Nominations
[13:30] Recent TV Cancellations
[18:15] Game News
[28:30] Jurassic world 2 spoiler discussion
[39:05] Antman 2 spoiler discussion
[48:30] Luke Cage Season 2 Spoiler Discussion
[55:15] Ian’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Apocalypse Rising
[60:15] Sean’s Highlight : Cargo (Netflix)
[63:00] Ruin A Remake: Jurassic Park

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Deadpool and Solo Spoilers with E3 predictions

[2:05] Walking Dead Actors Leaving Discussion
[9:00] Recent Cancellations including Rosanne
[22:16] Game News
[25:30] God of War Non-Spolier Review
[36:15] E3 predictions 2018
[56:35] Deadpool 2 spoiler discussion
[1:21:35] Solo Spoiler discussion
[1:47:35] Our personal Star Wars film rankings
[1:54:45] Ian’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Revenge
[2:00:35] Sean’s Highlight : Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell
[2:04:05] Ruin A Remake: Star Wars


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Episode 11 Avenger Infinity War spoiler cast!

[1:15] Movie and TV News
[25:20] Game News
[34:00] Horizon Zero Dawn Review
[39:00] Assassins Creed Origins Review
[50:00] Lost In Space Spoiler Discussion
[54:00] Ian’s The Good The Bad and The WTF: Black Hollow Cage
[57:00] Sean’s Highlight : Cobra Ki
[63:00] Avengers Spoiler discussion / New Yorker bad review
[124:00] Ruin A Remake: Die Hard

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Episode 10 Ready Player One spoiler cast

[00:00] Intro / Whats New
[1:45] Movie, TV & Game News / PUBG Mobile Review
[13:15] Sean’s Netflix Highlight Film : Titan
[17:00] Ian’s The Good The Bad and The What the Fuck : It Came From The Desert
[20:10] Ready Player One Spoiler Cast
[59:45] Ruin A Remake: Back To The Future for Doc, Marty, and BIFF



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Episode 9 Black Panther Jones

[00:00] Intro / Whats New
[1:45] Movie and TV News / Brief oscars recap
[24:30] Game News / new Nintendo direct announcements / Pubg bs rollback of patch
[31:10] Black Panther Spoiler Discussion
[57:12] Jessica Jones Spoiler Discussion
[67:35] Avengers Infintiy War Preditions
[72:65] Ian’s The Good The Bad and The What the Fuck : 7 guardians of the tomb
[75:70] Sean’s Netflix Highlight Film : Moon/MUTE and Wind River now on Netflix reminder
[77:20] Ruin A Remake: Avengers: worst superhero combo edition

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Episode 8 CloverfieldsBlackMirror

Show Notes:
[1:20] Super Bowl recap / funny ads
[14:05] The Cloverfield Paradox review and spoilers
[28:37] Altered Carbon non-spoiler review
[33:30] Black Mirror new season review and spoilers
[46:50] Game Chat (PUBG new anti cheat patch, Xbox game pass to feature day one exclusives)
[55:05] Latest TV cancellations and renewals news
[59:00] some walking dead spoilers beware –
[61:00] More TV cancellations and renewals
[64:40] Ian’s the good the bad and the what the f*** – Hellraiser:Judgement
[67:05] Ruin A Remake – Short Circut
[70:30] Wrap Up / Closing Game Song

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Episode 7 ANewHope

Show Notes: We are back from our long hiatus.
[0:00] Intro
[3:40] Star Wars VIII Non-Spoiler Review
[9:35] Disney buying Fox discussion
[17:20] Destiny 2 expansion & Lootbox discussions
[24:50] Golden Globe Announcements
[37:25] Justic League reactions
[50:00] Stranger things season 2 discussion
[53:15] Punisher season 1 discussion
[55:40] Recent TV cacellations / renewals of note
[1:00:25] Game Awards winners / big announcements
[1:07:15] Ian’s The Good, The Bad, and The WTF – Mayham
[1:11:00] Sean’s Movie Highlight – Wind River
[1:12:50] Ruin a remake for Maxium Overdrive
[1:17:35] Star Wars VIII Spoiler Discussion

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Episode 6 Comicon2017

Show Notes:
[1:25] Comicon Trailer Reactions and News Impressions
[18:20] Recent Movie / TV and Game News
[34:05] Break (Marble Hill Zone Remix – Sonic the Hedgehog)
[36:15] The Good The Bad and the WTF – It Stains The Sands Red
[43:32] Sean’s Movie Showcase – Ghost in the shell 2017 Remake
[51:30] Netflix Show Showcase – Non Spolierish – Ozark
[58:30] Ruin A Remake – The Shining

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Episode 5 RuinARemake

Show Notes:
[1:45] Spiderman – Quick Spoiler free discussion
[4:10] Movie News – Venom, Han Solo, Saw 8, etc.
[19:30] TV News – Castlevania Show Quick Spoiler Free Discussion, Sense 8 Renewal, Tremors TV, etc.
[25:35] Game News – SNES Classic, Mass Effect Andromeda
[33:35] Show Break (Castlevania Theme Song)
[34:50] Firebase Short Film Review
[39:20] The Good, The Bad, And The WTF – The Circle
[45:50] Netflix Showcase – These Final Hours
[49:50] Ruin A Remake – Smokey And The Bandit

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Episode 4 E32017

Show Notes:
[1:15] Intro & Quick PC Showcase Destiny News
[2:45] Nintendo Showcase
[8:50] Xbox Showcase
[36:45] Ubisoft Showcase
[43:15] Bethesda Showcase
[46:05] Sony Showcase
[58:16] Rest Of E3 Wrap-up
[1h:03] break time
[1h:07] TV & Movie News
[1h:14] Rakka (by Neill Blomkamp)- Short Film Review
[1h:18] The Good The Bad And The What The Fuck – The Belko Project
[1h:21] Cold In July – Movie Showcase
[1h:24] The Leftovers Series Finale Spoiler Discussion

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Episode 3 Sense8AndHouseofCardsTalk

[1:15] Intro & TV Talk – Sense 8 Cancelled, Cinemax Cancellations and Re-branding
[7:50] Other TV News & GOT final season delay talk
[11:20] Sticks Talk – Nintendo Actually istening To Fans – Online Plan Announced
[15:25] The Good, The Bad, And The WTF – Double Feature – King Arthur Knockoff & Eat Local
[20:45] Break Time
[21:28] House Of Cards S5 – Spoiler Discussion

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Episode 2 PreE3Predications

Show Notes:
[1:30] Intro & Witcher TV Show Talk
[6:00] War Machine Netflix Movie Talk
[7:30] TV Show News & Cancellations
[12:30] Movie News
[25:45] The Good, The Bad, and The What The Fuck – Raw, Movie Discussion
[31:30] Break (Zelda – Gerudo Valley)
[35:50] Gaming News
[38:00] Pre-E3 Discussion and Conference Times

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Episode 1 Its about time

Show Notes:
[0:00] Talking Flicks
[13:00] The Good, The Bad, And The WTF
[14:30] Talking TV
[37:00] American Gods Discussion
[41:30] Sense 8 Discussion
[48:45] Intermission
[51:00] Talking Gaming News
[60:02] Upcoming Game Feature and Outro

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