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You want to know whats in this episode? Its a secret bitches you better just listen and stop being a toolbag! or .com @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @amyemmence @woundednogin @middlefingerjoe

This episode we were kind of not sure what was up with Amy being early or late etc, so we decided to just do the show from our guild mumble and pvp at the same time with a bunch of guildies! @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @amyemmence @woundednogin […]

This episode Bill topples the charts of stupid with his rants, and we go over some more good guild chit chat related forum posts.  Couple good emails! The song at the end is compliments of Deathspeaks who is a gold AH farmer, this song speaks volumes for all those gold ah farmers out there!! lol. […]

In this episode we go over WoD “phase 2” alpha more or less has openly started and patch notes were posted and people were freaking out etc. Among other topics this show was full retard rant mode! ENJOY! lol. @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @amyemmence @woundednogin @middlefingerjoe

This episode as any other episodes has many derailments in it!  Especially with at least 1 troll and 1 guy claiming that I was ignorant for how I used the word nigga, but didn’t realize how ignorant he was being by not listening to my explanation and how the word is commonly used as a […]