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Go over some basic new’s, and what we’ve been up to for the week.  Joe joins us later in the show after he got off work to end the show with some random topics of discussion! for the live shows! @Middlefingerjoe @Amyemmence @Diabloceto @Woundednogin @Middlefingerbil

We tackle a slue of topics, forum posts and go over some pvp related news. can’t be loaded: My Heala (WOW Parody) Ft. Gorefiend & Drac ( @Middlfingerbil @Diabloceto @Woundednogin @Amyemmence @Middlefingerjoe

This episode we decided at the last minute to take the show live for the first time in probably a year via ! and it was a blast.  We went over a few guild related forum posts, what we’ve been up to for the week and much more! @Middlefingerbil […]