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We go over the usual guild related forum posts.  Talk about what we’ve been up to for the week and the discussion that Will put up with awesome responses! Thanks to Lunchbox for suggesting this awesome new parody by the Ganksquad for this weeks show! @diabloceto @middlefingerjoe @amyemmence @middlefingerbil @woundednogin

*D I S C L A I M E R* I can’t express this enough, these are our opinions and sometimes our opinions may offend, hurt, stress, depress and so on certain people.  For that I can honestly say, if you can’t stomach the fact that you might be in the crosshairs of those opinions […]

This episode, Richard, Bill and Amy bullshit about a variety of things, from guild related forum posts to what they’ve done for the past week.  With much more on the table! @middlefingerbil @middlefingerjoe @amyemmence @diabloceto @woundednogin

In this episode we go over a few random new’s.   Discuss our weeks and the adventures with in! @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @amyemmence @middlefingerjoe @woundednogin