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Joe finally graces us with his presence…. what presence that is, is still being determined!! We talk about a wide variety of human body situations. Also talk a little about pre patch prep. @middlefingerjoe @middlefingerbil @woundednogin @diabloceto  

Joe misses out on this car crash of an episode, so we could say he’s either lucky or should feel guilty! LOL We rant pretty much the entire show, so be prepared, open minded and for the love of god, if you let your kids listen start off with saying “this is how you DON’T […]

We are BACK BITCHES!! well sorta, this episode Joe is working, and skype is being shitty causing us to sound shitty.   Well shittier then normal! Either way we go over what we’ve been up to for the past 6 weeks along with other random stupid topics! @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @woundednogin @middlefingerjoe