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Joe Finally makes it back on after a few weeks of not being able to. This episode Bill tends to go off the deep end with a rant on the discussion topic that we had for the week. @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @middlefingerjoe @woundednogin

While Joe is on vacation, we go over our discussion topic, rant about arathi basin for most of the show mixed with the usual random topic and our opinions on the jimmy fallon parody and its quality coming from one like him. @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @woundednogin @middlefingerjoe

Hey… Joe isn’t here for the show, no call no show! SHOCKER!!! lol. We just rant about random stupid shit, listen at your own risk of losing a little over an hour of your time. @woundednogin @diabloceto @middlefingerbil @middlefingerjoe  

Just a short New’s release on the show’s and our guild for the week on why there aren’t show’s this week! thx!!! @middlefingerbil @middlefingerjoe @woundednogin @diabloceto

LoL Yes.. We have lasted long enough and thought we appeared kewl enough to keep going and reach episode 100. Lets just say this episode is just as retarded, slowminded dribble talk mixed with WoW just like the other 99 episodes lol. So sit back, beat off and enjoy this show! @middlefingerbil @middlefingerjoe […]