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In this episode we just talk nonsense about tons of stuff laced with WoW talk! Episode 100 will be recorded the weekend of the 31st of May. @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @woundednogin @middlefingerjoe

Joe STILL doesn’t have internet and does not join us this episode.   We go over some quit news and bounce around topics having basic down to earth “down to earth for us” discussions on various wow and non wow topics! @diabloceto @woundednogin @middlefingerjoe @middlefingerbil

This episode is probably “IMO” one of our slowest sounding, laid back, talk about literally all sorts of random shit, shows. We find out Joe doesn’t have internet until May 14th. To many topics to really lay out here, just be prepared for not so energetic talk lol. @diabloceto @woundednogin @middlefingerbil @middlefingerjoe