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In this episode we talk about Joe not being with us because he hasn’t paid his internet Bill.   We go over some quick wow news talk about a few random wow things, then go straight into IMTUFFBRO talk with some liquid emotion O Fun. @middlefingerjoe @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @woundednogin

As the title says Joe is MIA not like that doesn’t ever happen! This episode we discuss a variety of things, from some wow news to pvp toss in some more podcast talk.  Sprinkle that with a FUCK YOU to all horribad drivers out there! @middlefingerbil @middlefingerjoe @woundednogin @diabloceto

*DISCLAIMER* We rant about wow podcast communities, being apart of them or not being apart of them.   IF your vagina cannot take the pain you should NOT listen! Due to missing a weeks show this one is a bit longer! We go over what we’ve all been up to for the past few weeks. Richard […]