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In this episode we discuss how rogues are still getting hosed with some bugs yet people think we are over powered now!? LOL… Richard touches on some PvE news with his corner segment. We talk about my up and coming surgery due to septum issues in my nose and many other health issues related to […]

After taking a break due to Bill not having much of a voice, we recorded with Bill still sick but retarded as usual. We discuss some random wow topics, talk some pvp and richard touches the show up with some pve corner! @middlefingerbil @diabloceto @middlefingerjoe @woundednogin  

You wanna know? you better listen! tee hee @middlefingerbil @middlefingerjoe @woundednogin @diabloceto

In this episode Bill rants about the ins and outs of podcasts/podcasters that he does or doesn’t like “as if anyone truly gives a shit! Richard covers some PvE stuff in his pve corner segment, and all is well in the house of Will as we get to hear him deal with his kids well […]