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Last Podbean Audio Post!

We are in the processes of moving from podbean to another host, due to prices and the such.

Plz. make sure you go to and bookmark as that will be our new home

also follow us on twitter for updates!!!!






Thx a ton for your patience!!!!


*EDIT* This is the new host we are with “Safe Shark Hosting” This is the new Site! I am in the works of getting it setup so bare with me over the next week or so! thank  you for your patience!!!!


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Episode 86 Joe sounds like shit nuffsaid

nuff said, update coming

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Episode 85 Middlefield fight somewhere else!

update coming in da future

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Episode 84 Holiday FU’s

update coming

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Episode 83 Douchebags do get butthurt!

Yes theydo, in this next update!

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Episode 82 Douchebags and Weiners!

update to episode coming soon

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Episode 81 And the weiner is!

update coming soon!

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Episode 80 5.1 + Who has a warrant!?!

I do thats who! update coming

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Episode 79 Better Late then never! lol

same with the updates, later then never

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Episode 78 Evil ol Politics!

evil fo sho update soon

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