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This episode we go over some random forum posts, our week’s, an email from Ken and play a voice clip from Bryterside from the Stopcast Podcast. Hit on some more PvP points, discuss our past 8 months and then toss out some discussion on heathcare, welfare and other government bullshit. here or links I mentioned […]

In this episode Bill mostly rants like a retard with no cause.   Between the 3 of them they didn’t do DICK for the week. If your afraid what might be said may feel like its targeting u, then it probably is The song at the end is called “Achievement whore” done by Darkpippithemage

In this episode we go over a few random new’s. 1. Our week’s of nothingness .2 The Ghostcrawler interview with .3 More LFD/LFR talk 4. MoP talk 5. Enjoy the song at the end done by the folks at Collegehumor called Run this Raid Enjoy and remember! Rate, comment, email and itunes reviews bitches!!

This episode Will won’t be with us again due to working, me and joe go over our short lived week of shit. Go over some ghostcrawler talk on the MoP talent changes and the common shit people make about it and his responses. Addon of the week is a UI called LUI V3 Violent Apathy […]

Episode 32 Will is back from his skating we go over what we’ve done for the week. A few MoP things, the patch 4.3 was released so went over how that’s been this week and the plans for the next pvp season to start this coming week! mentions: Stopcast Podcast Wow parody at the end […]