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Episode 22


In this episode we go over a few more 4.3 tid bits, talk about our weeks and how Bill has a meltdown over his comp crashing. our links mentioned: Project site, Middlefinger Outlaws Addon of the week: Altoholic People, sites, and podcasts we’ve mentioned Twizzletank, and R9s9d9nt9vil of Rep Grind Radio Bryter, _Gigs, J_stopcast, and  […]

Episode 21


In this episode we go over our previous weeks and hit on some 4.3 news.  Talk about a few forum posts one which was about one of the topics which was how social people are in wow, in terms of ventrilo, guild chat etc. An awesome email from Tabatha “aka” Kaahlan of the Velen server, […]

Episode 20


Episode 20 Literally is probably one of our messiest shows lol non the less hope you all enjoy what news, info and opinions are in it! addon of the week is: Reflex – Arena/Battleground Historian People We’ve mentioned this show @Twizzletank and @R9sid9nt9vil from Rep Grind Radio @Mike_Stopcast from Stopcast And the fine folks that […]

Episode 19


Episode 19 Starts off with some opinions and point of views on some of the current state of fatties on wow mixed with welfare and lazy fuck tards. talk about some 4.3 and next xpac thoughts that Tom Chilton and Greg Street discussed in an interview. Mentioned  some funny twitter stuff that went on about […]