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Will is finally back with us, even though he might sound like shit were figuring out the issues for next episode, but glad he’s back non the less.  We basically just talk about a few things, slow news week.   Read a few awesome itunes reviews and an email then talk a bit about a guest […]

Episode 13


Another Episode in the bag! Myself “Bill” and my cousin Joe talk about a few blue posts, some pvp things, do the usual rant here and there, and talked about some addon’s that we use, we did not ask any questions this week, because well I forgot! lol.  Here is a link to the one […]

Episode 12


Fairly short Episode 12, recap of a few things since 4.2 release Myself “Bill” and my cousin Joe hanging out, Will is in Fortwayne, IN for his speed skating nationals. here are some links to things I mention in the show. for a massive list of wowpodcasts and which is r9sid9nt9vil’s site, him […]

Our guest for this episode was Sayomara Vesper, awesome guy to shoot the shit with here are some sites of his worth checking out, the first one is for all the lore fans out there, and the second one is for a huge list of other wow podcasts you may or may not be interested […]

This episode is short, with just me the host “Bill” Joe and Will were not available to do the show this week. A master list of wow podcasts you may wish to check out Have a great 4th of July weekend, and for the love of god… DO NOT forget your keg orator!!!! and […]